Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As 2010 starts up later this week, it's time to think about what happened in 2009...... but I won't be doing that in this post. It would be too hokey. I have been pondering trying to take a camera on more of my rides in 2010. I can't take credit for this idea in any way. Not only do lots of cyclists do this, but two of the blogs that I vicariously follow (through my sister) do a daily photo type thing. I find myself looking forward to those blogs so why not try to emulate and replicate. Since I'm stuck indoors right now I probably won't be posting anything for awhile.

Right now I'm working my way through Platoon while biking. I forgot how horrifying the film is. I do think it's funny seeing a young Charlie Sheen playing an actor with a conscious. He must have used it up between then and now. It also weird to see Dr. Cox from Scrubs in the movie playing a more serious role. Oddly enough, he uses the same whistle in Platoon as is does in the show Scrubs. There are a bunch of actors that I recognize but can't name. Such is the DeYoung tradition (i.e. Kevin Bacon who?)

I biked while I watched my suffer-o-rama dvd that I got for Christmas earlier this week. I didn't bike along to the work out. I just watched it while I sort of rolled along. I did take all the breaks, I just didn't do any of the hard parts. Oddly enough, I was still a bit sore the next day. I can say that the people on the dvd did look like they were suffering. I might give it a try in a few weeks once I get back up to speed following the Christmas black hole of exercise.