Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ridin' rollerz for realz

(Liz typing for Nate):
They are finally here! Thanks to everybody who pitched in for my Christmas present. Like everyone else who gets a set of rollers, I have to post a video of myself using them. Nothing in particular happens in this video. (that's a good thing though considering all the things that would make it exciting are not good things)

I find it incredible that using free motion rollers is even possible. However, I'm sure the physics supports this feat. I'm not sure how, but I'm guessing my father does. That is good enough for me. I think the weirdest feeling is the slight front and back bouncing that happens.

Other than that, the hardest part is just getting on and off the bike. My feet don't touch the ground, so getting off always involves a bit of luck. Once I get going balancing isn't too much of a problem. I have also noticed that you can't daydream like you can when you are attached to a trainer.