Sunday, June 7, 2009

summer schedule

I'm still not completely in my summer swing yet. Possibly part of that is due to Liz not starting work until last week. I've found that if I don't have a pretty riding structured plan for the week, I "forget" to get out and ride. I'm hoping that following this week, I'll get into a routine. 

I'm thinking about racing in Fort Wayne on July 11. I've never done that before and find it oddly scary. I'll probably see how my training goes over the next few weeks before making a firm decision. 

My bike was i the shop last week and I think they solved the clicking noise in the headset. It only took two times taking to them, but they are very friendly and helpful. The shop really does earn the loyalty of its customers. 

I really like Tony Kanaan, and they always have tv commercials of him doing these crazy pushups on tv. To cut to the point, when I try to do push ups Tony Kanaan style I pull some weird hip muscle which is annoying. I can still bike just fine, but it is annoying.

That's all to today

Here is a picture of Tony.

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