Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wed night is always long

I have a weekly meeting with my advisor and lab mate every Thursday. This is itself is great given the involvement level of my last advisor. It feels great to actually be making progress on multiple manuscripts and projects(we are up to 5 in progress now).

The only problem is that our weekly lab meeting is 4 hours long. Yup, we start at 11:00 and go to 3:30 (he lets us break for lunch and bathroom). That is a lot of time to fill for just one weeks worth of progress. Anyway, it means that on Wed nights I have to stay up late working because losing a little sleep is better than having to sit there in silence. I do believe it will all pay off in the end though.

Other than that, my bike ride was good today. It didn't rain on me which was a distinct possibility. I did a hill workout, and boy can my legs feel it now. I am hungry all the time now. I had a huge dinner at a Mexican restaurant, then three hours later I'm starving again. I had a bag of popcorn, and now I'm on my forth sloppy joe. I better go to bed before I eat all the food in the house. Liz wouldn't be happy if that happened.


Anonymous said...

and you don't even like sloppy joes!

: )

Amanda said...

Have you really sat in silence? You don't get out early?