Friday, October 10, 2008

More of the same

Thankfully the weather continues (for the most part) to be fairly nice. Although, it is getting noticeably cooler outside. I did one training session on the trainer I bought since it was raining out. It made me sweat and gave me a decent work out. The bonus was that I watched 1.5 episodes of cops while doing it.

On Wednesday, I had another time trial and shaved four seconds off my time. That put me in forth place for improvement. Most people were slower due to 5 miles of a wicked headwind. I'm also in forth place in the point standings. If I have two more good races I think I have a chance of moving up a spot or two.

This is day two of a few days off of the bike. I twisted my knee a few days ago, so I'm giving it a little rest. I'm going to try a light ride on either Saturday or Sunday.

That's all the biking stuff.

School is now much less stressful now that I have gotten some of my tests back. I did better than I thought I had on both, so that helps out a lot. My presentation went well yesterday, and now I'm finishing off the week with grading and working at mfri. I'm excited for break and hope to make big progress on some research things that I'm working on. The Thursday night screenings are almost finished. I'll be excited not to have to stay at school till 8:30 anymore.

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