Friday, November 7, 2008

Over the hump

Well, I made it over a hump of the semester. I finished my paper, took my two tests, and am almost caught back up on other stuff like research. We'll see if I can ever actually get all the way caught up. There is an awfully big stack of papers on the couch that need grading.

I've been working a little extra at MFRI by helping with some interviews at the homes of national guard members. Overall I like it, but I really really dislike not getting home till later at night. 

Biking has been rough over the last week. I promised myself I would bike today, but when I got home at 8:30 I started on homework and haven't really stopped yet. 

Tomorrow I'm applying for a teaching position over the summer. I doubt they will give it to me since I am still working on my masters, but you have to try. Professor Nathan...... I like the sound of that :P

For my research I'm looking for short (~1min)  clips from movies that people might find offensive. If you think of any movies offhand that you watched that has scenes that could be construed as offensive, let me know and I'll go look at them to see if they'll work for the study. 

Back to work a happy grad student :)

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