Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tomatoes and Pretzels

Liz doesn't eat the chunks of tomatoes in her soup because she doesn't like them. No one cares that she doesn't eat them. After all, why eat things that don't taste good. This has led me to my new personal rule. I don't eat pretzels anymore. I don't like them even a little bit, so why do I keep choking them down when they pop up in my chex mix? From now on, I will simply leave them in the bowl and eat around them. The only exception to this rule are those pretzels that Meredith made at school and brought to the marathon a year ago. Those pass. I will also try a pretzel or two if it is somehow the polite thing to do, but beyond that pretzels are officially rejected by me.

I got a new battery for my bike computer from Walmart. It is nice because it prompted me to finally correct the time and date on it. The bigger bonus was that I didn't lose all of my odometer miles (560mi now), so I don't have to start again from zero.

It has been brought to my attention that some people think that the video I posted last time is indeed cool. I guess I don't get you guys either. I still think it looks silly, but if it makes him happy I wouldn't want him to stop.

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