Monday, December 29, 2008


I went for an OUTDOOR bike ride today. It was a balmy 49 degrees, so I'm not sure it really counted as "winter" biking, but I put all my new winter things on out of spite anyway. Thank you to everyone who got me winter appropriate gear for Christmas. The jersey, shoes, hat, and gloves were of particular use. I'm sure that the blinky light and hex wrenches will come in handy soon though. I wore my old running tights, and they seemed to work for the most part.

Things that Nathan forgot while using his trainer:

1) Hills stink
2) You have to steer
3) You get to coast once in a while
4) People look at you funny when biking (although Liz did a good job of this when I was indoors)
5) The wind can make you feel like Lance Armstrong (I sustained 30mph for about 4 minutes)
6) The wind can break you ( from 30mph to 11mph by turning the corner)
7) Cows don't pay much attention to bikers (they were lying down in the fields today)
8) It's possible that the trainer may actually help my overall fitness (especially with a fancy spinerval dvd)

Other Christmas gifts that I have found useful so far (in no particular order)....

1) a mug.. it has been well broken in already.
2) A fancy auto waterer for Penny (see liz's blog)
3) Liz and I spent some of the Christmas money on a shelving thing
4) Deliciously roasted Flying J coffee
5) Canned green beans

This list just made me realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by a loving family.

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