Wednesday, December 31, 2008

two and out

The last two days were really nice biking. I'm happy that my rubber shoe covers stopped rubbing against my pedal and making a kind of annoying squeaky noise. 

Yesterday, I saw another biking on the road. He was in a full racing kit, so I'm assuming that he was fairly fast. Anyway, I decided to modify my route and try to catch up to him. I got really close but then I hit a red light and he got ahead of me. Once I had the green it took me about 4 miles of pretty hard riding to catch up. I finally caught him and asked if I could draft off him for a bit. He said he was going to a hill to do some hill repeats. He said I was welcome to come. A mile later there was a really big hill. I did one and went on with my own ride. I'm am excited that the hill is fairly close to my usual route. I've been going 10 miles out to a hill, but I'll usually winded by the time I get to that hill so I can't do any repeats. This hill new hill is shorter but steeper with a hairpin turn in the middle. I'm excited to try it out later.

Today it got cold and snowy. I thought it would be fun to try the workout dvd my sister got me for Christmas. Fast forward a whole ten minutes, I'm laying on the floor completely winded. Who would have thought that four second sprints could be so painful.  Topping it off, I listened to liz narrate the whole scene to her mom on the phone as it happened. I think the dvd will be great. I'll give it another go tomorrow. It'll go better now that I know what to expect (at least that's what I'm telling myself). If I do it a lot, I bet it'll help my hill sprints. 

Happy 09!

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