Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still sick

My cold has moved to various locations throughout my body over the last few days. Currently, it is clogging up my forehead. I haven't gotten on the bike since last week, but I think that tomorrow there is a decent chance of getting in a small test ride. 

The weather is getting warmer for a bit. I'm hoping for a few good warm day so that all the snow melts off the roads and the salt will disappear. 

For now, I must resign to commenting on other cyclists and cycling news.

First, there was a flurry of Purdue Cycling emails today. I think riders are coming out of hibernation a bit prematurely, but like seeing the first robin, it must be a sign of an upcoming spring.

(Yes... I am aware that Robins can be spotted all winter, but I'll ask you to assume that I'm referring to spring oriented robin behaviors such as signing in the rain, and rummaging for worms in the front lawn.)

In pro cycling news, Garmin-Slipstream won the team time trial in the Tour of Qatar. I'm sure that Will Frischkorn (my favorite pro American Garmin-Slipstream rider) was a leading force in their outstanding effort. Their entire day of work lasted a whole 6 minutes and 34 seconds (over 6 kilometers). They beat team Quick-Step (not quite quick enough....hardy..har.. har) by 0.64 seconds.  Good for them.

They look so happy.

Note that classy 2009 style argyle. 

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