Monday, May 18, 2009

Just about bed time

Wow. It is summer time, and I still have been working full tilt on research stuff. At least I don't have to go to class for the next few months. Work at mfri has been stressful since there have been a series of deadlines that my team has had to meet. I think after next week it will get a bit better. 

The nice thing about summer is that there is certainly more time for riding. Contrary to popular perception, my lack of blogging does not mean I have stopped biking. Two days ago I went out for a 50mile ride. I ended up cutting 10 miles off because of a nasty wind, but I was still pretty happy with the ride. Yesterday I did a short but fast ride of about 16 miles. The Wabash river is very high so it is fun to bike along it and see what is flooded and what isn't. 

I took today off, but Liz and I went to play tennis. Liz has also been making me go lift with her in the mornings. Not exactly my cup of tea, but maybe it will help me somehow. I don't think it can hurt. 

I have to work at Alpine all day tomorrow so I hope I have time fit in a ride before dark. We shall see. Liz has gone to bed, and I think I'll follow suit.

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