Friday, August 21, 2009


It is the time of the year where club rides are starting again. I tend to enjoy these since they help me keep up my mileage during the busy weeks. It looks like I'll be able to get to two rides a week if I am able to keep on top of my work. I'd be happy with that.

Rides start and end at the coRec. This means that following the ride I get to ride another 4.1 miles home. During this stretch there is one moderate hill and one small hill. Following the club rides they both feel much harder. I usually end up slogging up them with much form.

Yesterday I was at the top of the medium hill, following a club ride, and I had a calf cramp. I can't remember the last time my leg has cramped up like this. For a minute or two I thought I was going to have to call Liz to pick me up. It would have been an interesting conversation.

Me: I can't make it home. Will you come pick me up?
Liz: Where are you?
Me: about 2 blocks away
Liz: no
Me: Why not?
Liz: You're just being a baby

I light of my hypothetical conversation I figured I'd skip the call and just bike home. Indeed, I made it home just fine. It was by far the worst leg cramp I've ever had. It is still sore now more than 12 hours later. CRAZY!

Later that night I discovered that my phone doesn't work anymore so I may not have been able to call her anyway. The buttons are possessed on my phone. Buttons work, but who knows what they will actually do. I may have accidentally called two or three people last night while trying to check my voice mail.

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Megan said...

First - I didn't know Liz was so mean. Second - maybe one of the mystery dialees would have been nicer and taken you home. Good thing you have a phone and wife so that in emergencies you still have to suffer alone :(