Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pictures of scrapes

I took pictures of my road rash tonight. I decided that they were finally healed enough to post some pictures. It's been 9 days. However, I understand that some people aren't into seeing road rash or any portion of my behind (no matter how healed it is) so I posted them to a post from a long time ago. If you want you can see them, you can click right here.

On the picture of the calf, if you look close you can see all the pink skin that has already grown back underneath the little bit that still looks gross. On my hip, you can see the red vertical lines underneath the gross part that tell you which way I was sliding on the ground.

For everyone that doesn't want to look at my gross legs, you can enjoy this picture:
I'm sorry if it makes you think of Walmart. I don't really endorse them, but I do shop there so I can't bash them too much.

note... yes, I do own and wear "red fish, blue fish" Dr. Seuss boxers as evidenced in the pictures. All the real men do it.

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