Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time Trial Season

I finally broke 26 minutes flat for my 10 mile time trial time. I went all out tonight and it paid off. A really fast person started 1 minute after me. At the 5 mile turn around he was about 30 behind me. I really didn't want to get passed so I pushed really hard. Every time I looked over my shoulder he was a bit closer so I had to try a bit harder. In the end he beat me by 2 seconds. It stinks being passed at the finish line, but who has to complain when you shatter your own PR.

Here is a graph of my 3 years of the same 10 mile time trial. There are 5 time trails in the series and I usually quite when it gets too cold.


Amanda said...

nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hard work and watching the Vuelta a Espana pays off.

: )