Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ride in the rain

I just finished the best ride of the year. It was fast, long (for me), lung busting, leg screaming and amazing. Did I mention it rained the whole time?!!!! There came a point around mile 30 when I stopped caring about all the mud that was getting sprayed in my face from the wheel in front of me because the draft was that important. It felt like I didn't even need to drink water because there was always so much getting in my mouth from my helmet and the spray from the road. Anyway, I'm filthy.... and happy. There were only three of us riding today (probably because of the steady downpour), so there was no hiding in the pact and drafting for the whole ride. About the time you recovered from being on the front it was time to take another pull. I was pretty happy with my performance. I certainly wasn't the strongest rider, but I was able to take respectable pulls and keep the line moving forward.

I tried to find a video to show water getting kicked up by a bike wheel, but I don't think anyone is willing to sacrifice their camera to the elements.

While we were pushing hard, I clocked us going between 25-27 mph. Then my odometer short circuited due to excess rain. My shoes felt like they had little lakes in them.

Ohhh... Because of the wind we executed a eschalan. It's a special form of drafting to deal with strong side winds.. This was only he second time I've ever done one, so I was happy for the practice.

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