Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My phone call with Comcast

Me: Hi Comcast, I'm thinking of upgrading my cable
Them: Great, but you owe us hundreds of dollars in back fees.
Me: WHAT!!!!! I have my last bill right here. It says I use the autopay option. This makes no sense
Them: you are correct sir, but the bank must have denied the drafts
Me: it's a credit card number.
Them: well you must have changed credit cards without knowing
Me: !?!? How come this is not reflected in my bill?
Them: We are not sure sir, but you owe us money immediately otherwise we will have to disconnect your service.
Me: Time to talk to a manager


2 hours later that is sorted out. Late fees removed.


Them: So are you ready to upgrade you cable package now
Me: Can't say that I am. I have to go.

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