Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another episode finished

I'm through episode three of Dollhouse. It's still good enough to keep watching while I sit on the bike. It helps the minutes slip away.

My trainer is still leaking, so i have to bike in the kitchen. Easy clean up, but it feels weird not to be in the normal spot. I sort of like it though. The kitchen is narrow enough to reach my water and towel easily. I think the kitchen will work well for learning to use my rollers once they arise.

I'll probably send in my trained at the end of the week. I'm hoping to do it during a week when I can get outside and bike. We'll have to see. The trainer still seems to work fine, but it certainly is dripping a couple of teaspoons per ride. Eventually, the laws of physics will catch up and there will be no fluid left.

I made some small break through in my preliminary over the last three days. I'm now about 75 percent sure what I'm doing. All that is left is the grunt work of prepping the data into the formats that I need. Tonight though I need a break from it though. My brain is tired of it. I'll work on it tomorrow. (famous last words?)

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