Monday, January 17, 2011

ho hum

My stationary trainer is leaking fluid. Since it is a fluid trainer, it is kind of a big deal. Thankfully, it's leaking very slowly so I can still use it. I wasn't sure what I was going to do since I bought it used a couple of years ago. Obviously, any warranty was going to be void. Sort of as an afterthought I wrote into the CycleOps customer support to see if I could pay for just a new part, instead of a having to buy whole new unit. I don't have have the need or disposable income for a new new toy (they are pricey), but maybe I could get a reasonably priced exchange part. I didn't expect much but it was worth a shot. 20 min after emailing them, they wrote back saying that they would honor the original warranty and to send in the trainer to get a new part. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!

Anyway, I'll throw it in a box and see what happens. Doing nothing just means that in a week I'll have a useless piece of aluminum in my apartment.

My Christmas rollers still haven't come yet. Since I bought them through the team, our order gets put at the bottom of the sales pile. Ho Hum.

I'm watching Dollhouse while on the Trainer now. Episode one was really slow. Episodxe two was awesome. If you like watching The Pretender a long long time ago, there is a good chance you would get int to this series. (i've only watched to episodes, so I don't vouch for anything past that)

School takes sooooooo much work. It's making me cycle between the blues and mania. Poor Liz

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Anonymous said...

Cycling Between Blues and Mania -- sounds like a good blog title.

: )