Sunday, April 1, 2012


A spring time field I passed.

I did my standard 30 miles today. There were a ton of cyclists out on the road. The Wabash River Cycling club had a good looking group rolling down the road. We came together at an intersection and went the same direction. I wanted to be faster than them, and two of them wanted to be faster than me. After about 4 miles, I won. However, then I turned around and passed them going back into town. Nothing like an imaginary race to get 5 miles down the road.

My bike has been giving me some fits lately, so I took it to the bike doctor for a check up. Tomorrow I should have a new chain, new cassette, new brake barrel, and a longer stem (apparently this contributes to me looking like a hunchback while biking). I actually biked through a cassette. I consider that an accomplishment. Hopefully, I don't need a new bottom bracket, but I'm afraid that is where the loud clicking was originating from.

We shall see tomorrow.

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