Monday, September 1, 2008

50 miles and pickle feet

I finally did a 50 mile bike ride. I was planning on doing only 46 miles but I got lost and ended up doing 4 miles of looking around. I've discovered that I most often get lost when I'm in a valley surrounded by hills. It was a little frustrating to go up the same hill 3 times simply because I couldn't find the right road. But eventually I figured it out and all was good.

There was one stretch of "paved" road that was really rough. My bike started going over the bumps and before I knew it my whole body was going numb from the vibrations. Luckily the road wasn't that long and once I got over it everything came back to life.

I finally got around to using one of those goo energy packets. I've never used one before and what a disaster. I got to much in my mouth at once and almost gagged. I just wasn't expecting that consistency of goo. Somehow I got it all over my face and fingers and that stuff is sticky. It wasn't horrible, but not great either. The goo did seem to give me a short boost of energy. The last 10 miles felt pretty good.

The pickle feet thing is strictly non-bike related. Liz and I went to the store for some stuff last night and a stocker boy dropped a jar of dill pickles in the aisle, but didn't put out one of those "caution pickle juice all over the floor" signs. I happily and unsuspecting went sloshing through it in my flip flops. I didn't not fall, but it is true that pickle juice is slippery. The stocker guy asked if I was ok, but didn't apologize (one wasn't really needed). I was hoping for a coupon, but we just kept shopping without making a big deal about it. All said and done I'm glad I flopped through a lake of vinegar (sterile) rather than liquid sugar (sticky). So my foot smelled of dill and happiness all the way home and for the rest of the night.

In honor of the fallen pickles here is a picture of a giant one.

And all you could ever want to know about pickles.

I would suggest navigating to the kids fun page.

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