Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Individual time trial

Well, school is in full swing. I'm back to my old schedule of staying up late to get stuff done. This means that there has been a serious lack of morning bike rides. I'm ok with that. It's just so cold out in the morning. 

My knee has been getting better slowly. I've been taking it pretty easy over the last week to let it settle back into the rhythm of biking. I also take a lot of ibuprofen (I call it the Liz approach) and that helps everything out a little more.

In bigger news, I did my first official bike race today. It was an individual time trial. I complete the 10 mile course in 27:42. It certainly wasn't the fastest time, but it wasn't the slowest either. Some people came to the race with their special time trial bikes, tear dropped helmets, and shoe covers. I guess some people take this pretty seriously. The winning time was right around 21 minutes, so I have some work to do. I was afraid that I would be passed by a ton of people who started after me (one person started every minute), but in reality I was only passed by one person around mile 6. I kept up till mile 7, and then watched him bike off into the horizon.

There was a big hill at mile 5 that kind of killed me, so next week is get Nathan better at hills week. 

There are 4 more time trials this fall, so I'll post my times when I participate.

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