Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back on the Bike

Due to my recent lack of posting, I'm afraid I may have scared people into thinking that I had given up on blogging my consistently boring biking adventures. This is not the case. I just haven't been riding my bike much over the last week. A combination of rain, a twisted knee muscle, and a kind of nasty cold forced me to take 3 days off the bike. Never fear, the ailments have for the most part subsided and I got out for a nice jaunt today. I did a short and slow 15 miles, but all systems checked out for a little faster ride tomorrow. 

I came to the conclusion today that I should never go out biking towards the end of a Purdue football game. Believe it or not, football fans driving home are not all that courteous to cyclists on the road. They really had no reason to be upset given that they crushed Northern Colorado by a gazillion and one points. Maybe they all happened to honk as they passed me to let me know that Purdue had won, but I doubt it.

Boiler Up!

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