Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another day another ride

Liz and I decided to check out some bluegrass music that was going on in Blacksburg last night. On our to the town we came up on a cyclist who in the middle of the country walking with his bike. There is really no graceful way to walk in cycling shoes. It just looks silly. Anyway, it was raining and this guy clearly had a long walk ahead of him, so we stopped. It wasn't real easy to stuff his bike into our trunk, but after taking off both wheels and putting a seat down we got the bike in. Just like that we had a third passenger with us. He seemed really grateful for the lift.  He told us that he was a VT freshman from somewhere on the east coast. However, his father got his degree from Purdue and his grandparent live in Chicago. He seemed like a nice kid. It worked out well since he gave us directions to where we needed to go. The bluegrass music was cool, and there were some people dancing which was fun to watch.

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