Sunday, September 29, 2013


Now that fall is upon us,there have been tons of gnats flying around while biking. Riding through their swarming clouds is gross. It seems that once or twice each ride a gnat will hit the back of my throat which immediately causes the swallow reflex. I regret this every time. They are gross and I prefer not to eat them. The only good thing that comes out of riding through clouds of gnats is that it is the only time of the year when I get to pretend to be a whale eating krill. In the end, I would willingly forgo this experience in order for a more peaceful ride. However, I have no control over mother nature so there isn't much I can do except eat my krill and make the occasional whale call. (If you ever hear this amazing impression, I promise that I'm not having a stroke.)

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Amanda said...

haha. I have a whale call too...we'll have to compare sometime.