Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall break

Time for a break (sort of). Even though there is a lot to do over the break it isn't nearly as stressful. Plus, I don't have to think about clients for a few days. As expected, I love actually meeting with clients, but the amount of paperwork that goes along with it just sucks the time away. Before you know what is happening, you've spent 4 hrs just checking and updating all your client files. Then you have to see more clients, and then you start over again. This leave lots of time for research, class, and my prelim paper. My father would say "Don't worry, it'll all get done." I expect he's right, but it is still annoying. At a minimum, the break will help me get my feet back under me.

I got to go for a 2 hr bike ride today so that was nice. It is certainly getting colder out. I wore long sleeves, but even with those I was a bit cold. I think I might invest in some knee warmers since there are still two more Time Trials to go over the next month. This is the time of year when you can't wear your winter gear because it is still to warm, but you still need more than just what you wear in the summer. It was a good ride, but a bit slow because of the wind. I got stopped by a long train and felt like I was back at Hope. I saw this ridiculous looking old electric red car that was in the middle of nowhere. I guess if ran out of batteries. It had those huge headlights from the seventies so the front of the car looked a lot like a face. It was very small and angular.

I passed some nice looking horses and two cats.I really wanted to see a cute stray dog. Liz says if I pray hard enough God will send one into my path and then we can keep him. I'll be keeping my eyes open.

Tonight I get to do lots of grading. Hurray.

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