Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting Ready for Church

The past week was long. It had a fair number of ups and downs. Some of the ups included making some progress with a few of my clients, going to the Purdue game, and not upsetting any professors (that I know of). Downs included, having a killer headache this morning, losing a stack of quizzes, and having to pay big money for new breaks and sway bars on the ford. All in all I call the week a wash.

I've been getting a few rides in here and there, but now that I'm seeing clients it has gotten harder. Typically therapy happens in the late afternoon to early evening which is my typical ride time. Once it is to cold to ride out side I'll be better about riding inside at night. The time trial series is going well. The third race is this week. I'm 12 overall out of some 45 people, so if I have a good race I could move into the top 10. My training schedule would also suggest that this may not happen...

Well time for church and then afternoon assessments. Woohoo... and if anyone sees a stack of quiz sevens around, let me know!!!!!!

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