Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First club ride of the semester

I went on a short club ride yesterday. I like going to the very first ride because it will be the largest ride by far for the year. There were maybe 6 new people on the ride. It was an easy paced ride so the hardest part was helping everyone get comfortable riding in a double pace line. A perfect pace line is like a well oiled machine that allows for constant speed/effort and equal work load spread out among the people on the ride. Yesterday wasn't perfect but it got the job done. There was a lot of braking then pedaling to hard to catch up then more breaking. It had an accordion feel to it, but that's the joy of the first ride.

The hardest part of the ride was the fact that I was 7 minutes late and had to work to find and catch up to the group. I think a couple of people didn't recognize me when I discretely latched on to the back of the pack and were concerned that I was so out of breath within the first 15 minutes of the ride.

No picture from the ride so here is a video of the pro executing a perfect rotating paceline. When it works like, that it gets real fun.

There will be some big news later this week in regards to my publicity as a cyclist. I can't say more right now so you will have to tune back later. (try Thursday) I'm x-cited, so you should be too.

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