Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Day

It was an incredibly long day. It involved lots of errands and spending lots of money. However, Liz and I do now have new tires on the car, the knowledge of why our AC in the car doesn't work (and never will), a new haircut, a trip to the post office, and more.

I'm really glad that I went for my bike ride relatively early this morning because it was so hot and steamy after 10:00am that I would have never ventured outside willingly.

I'm really sick of school. I had to go back into work after dinner and it really wasn't fun at all. I'm clinging to the hope that the harder I work now the easier my upcoming year will be and the sooner I'll get to internship.

I've started thinking about where I want to apply for internships. I don't even know how to begin to make decisions that large.

Almost every sentence has multiple "I"s in them. Sorry. I know that makes for bad/boring reading but I'm going to bed now.

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