Monday, November 8, 2010

A poll

The poll is me trying something new. I can't decide what the winter goal should be, so based on the overwhelming commenter feedback and my own personal interests, I have chosen my top 5. (For a reference point... I bike around 16 to 18 mph on my trainer)

Option 1: Bike to Amanda's house! Roughly 750 miles + hills. I might get a surprise at the end of it.

Option 2: Every year people bike across the continental United States in about 8 days. I'd be willing to let the 3000 mile trip take all winter. At the end a special dinner or something cool.

Option 3: I love Camp Roger because they help bring children into God's nature. I used to work there, and still find myself missing it often. I like giving Camp Roger some of my money, so maybe I could get some other people to donate on my behalf. It's 260 miles so maybe get people to sponsor specific miles of the trip. They need help with their camper scholarship fund which is in the red.

Option 4: I love psychology. The SURF center is a local non-for-profit organization that works with individual recovering from drug and alcohol problems. They just got evicted from their downtown location because of the lack of donations this year. Not sure exactly how to structure this one, but since they are local I could be more involved.

Option 5: The Fat Cyclist (see side bar link) raises lots of money for cancer research through the Livestrong organization. His wife died of cancer last year, so obviously we share some passions. I could train to do an indoor century and see if people would donate some money to see me do it.

OK... your turn..... vote on the side. It's anonymous, so even if you never read this blog, please vote. I'm not sure how much my vote will count for in the end. That depends on how many people vote.

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