Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I guilted myself into getting on the bike just so I could post about a biking adventure. Unfortunately, I had a client after work, so I wasn't able to bike outside. On the bright side, I think that my client is making lots of progress. It's nice when people get better. In fact, I think I was getting more excited about her progress than she was.

Anyway, I got home and hopped on the bike. I watched NCIS in HD!!!!! It's going to be a good winter. I also decided that gym towels are too small, and not just a little too small. I need ones that are at least 3 times as big (zoolander anyone?) A small towel is simply infuriating. After about 20 minutes it becomes worthless. Then I'm stuck with the decision of using a gross towel for the next 40 minutes or just being really gross.

= way too small

but today I discovered the perfect solution. Welcome yourselves to the era of the the Beach towel sized gym towel. Every time I wiped my brow I was met with a nice dry piece of heavenly cloth.

see. Three times as big

or I could use a shamwow


Amanda said...

I agree...small towels are the worst. You could use a hand towel sometime if you just want to annoy yourself. :D

sailor42 said...

I know! That would be even worse.