Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As the winter season is quickly approaching, I'm trying to think of some motivating goals to help me stay on the bike through the winter. Liz has frequently, and correctly so, noted that I do better when I am working towards a goal. It's true. I find it much easier to get up and going when there is something that I'm training for or working towards. Up until now, it has always been getting in shape for racing, but winter training is more focused on simply logging miles on the bike. A simple mileage goal is not good enough to motivate me. I just know it wouldn't do the trick. There isn't enough excitement of an end point. When you get to 400 miles there is no celebration and it's just time to keep going.

So.... What does everyone (all 10 people that read this blog) think would be a good goal for the winter? I've been thinking about trying to ride the Race Across America route indoors, I could track my progress on a map. There is a clear end point. However, I'm not sold on that idea yet. In fact, I'm sure there is something better. Lot of cyclists are motivated to bike by combining their passion/hobby with their altruism. Case and point: and drums up money huge amounts of money for cancer research. (+1 for improper idiom) While an endeavor of this nature is way more scary, I wonder if I too could use something that I enjoy doing to benefit others. Talk about motivating!!!!! (I really had to resist typing "MO..TI...VATE...ING")

This is where I need help though..... I'm looking for ideas that people have. I'm lucky enough to know that that people who read this blog know me well enough to know my personality and what types of things might make for a meaningful and compelling winter training period (+3 for three "knows" in a sentence.) If you don't know me, I'm glad you have managed to read this far in the post! please feel free to leave ideas too.

Leave your ideas in the comments (even if they are ridiculous!)

Also a thought LIVESTRONG????

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Amanda said...

You could "bike" to my house. Then when you "get" here I could send you a surprise!

P.S. Don't forget to account for the mountains.