Friday, March 16, 2012

Back from Virginia x2

Liz and I returned from Virginia earlier this week. I am still amazed at the difference between the landscapes. I hope everyone can come visit us in the mountains. I am not sure how cycling will work. It could take a significant amount of time to transition from pancake flat Indiana to the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountain range in Virginia.

The day after we got back I went for a ride outside. It was a hard ride, and for a brief second I thought the clouds a long ways away were actually mountains. I realized they were clouds and got lost in the thought about how big those mountains really are. While in Virginia, you spend a lot of time looking up.

At some point in the ride I met up with another cyclist. We had never met before but we traded a few pulls and got to talking. His name was Paris (A perfect cycling name) and he was a nice gent. When we were about to part our respective ways he said, 'Thanks for pulling me along." First, It is a really nice thing to say. Second, It wasn't really that true.

I felt the need to respond with something equally nice or insightful. The problem was that I also quite tired. (It's hard to appear fit when you are sucking wind on the inside). At the moment, I thought a historical republican quote would be perfect. I don't know why, but it felt right. However, I don't know any republican quotes. I do however watch the Colbert Report and he often makes fun a Herman Cain (a Republican). Perfect, but not really.

Yup, before I could think about it. I responded with solid AWWW Shucky Ducky. *Facepalm* We went our separate ways after that. He probably thinks I'm a nut, but I guess that isn't to far from the truth.

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