Friday, March 9, 2012

Rollers again

It's probably nice enough to bike outside, but I just don't feel like being the least bit chilly. The only option was another session on the rollers. I didn't finish my dvd because Universal sports was showing a cycling race on tv. It was stage two of the Tirreno-Adriatico. Being the first big time race of the season, it is fun seeing who has good form and who is "in difficulty" (one of my favorite cycling commentator phrases).

I can honestly say that I was in difficulty during my ride tonight. I did 2o minutes at tempo, then 10 min hard, then 10 min really hard, then 20 min tempo. The two hard parts were difficult, but they were hard enough that I had to focus on keeping my speed up. The last 20 minutes were horribly difficult. My body just wanted to stop, and my brain stopped accurately processing time. Twice I subtracted my time left incorrectly and thought I was about finished only to realize I still had over 10 minutes to go. By the end, the goal was just to stay upright and keep the legs moving in circles.

Then it was done, so I ate a lot of food. 80 percent of it wasn't healthy, so I ended the consumption with a yogurt Popsicle and a cup yogurt.

All in all, a boring post, but not everything can be exciting. It you made it this far....I hope you are not in difficulty.

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