Monday, March 5, 2012

No picture today

Since securing my internship, I have been on my bike much more often. Here are the reasons for why I think this is happening.

1) Happiness = Happy behaviors

2) My stress level has dropped to a manageable level

3) I'm afraid of the Virginia mountains

4) The more I bike the less I have to work on writing my articles (they are giving me a headache)

5) I want to eat more food while not gaining any weight

6) The spring cycling classics have started. There is always a tiny tiny voice in my head that says "you could do that if you just got on your bike"

7) I bought all this stuff. I better use it.

8) I feel like a pro when I bike no matter how slow I am going.

9) I don't feel like I'm lying to people when I say I'm an avid cyclist

10) I have a recovery beer after most of my rides. They are delicious.

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