Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New blog

This is the new, almost as good, blog in the face of the losing my old one (a pox on blogger spam bot). Even though many of my posts have been lost, I'll just start from today and see what happens. I'm not sure the name is as good. It seems a little like a newspaper to me, but I really couldn't think of anything better. I'm really biking in West Lafayette, but that seemed a bit to long. Not being creative enough to generate a new title is partially why there was not a new blog sooner. The other was the chance that my other blog would be restored (a pox on the blogger spam bot).

Well I'm all out of poxs for the moment. I haven't ridden yet today, so there is a chance that there will be a followup post later in the day or tomorrow.

For those that were following my previous blog:

- I did make 300miles in one month
- I rode with a group of cyclists and had a fairly good time
- I've gotten up to 35-38 miles for my longest Friday super-long rides (at least that what I call them and how they feel to me)
- I joined the Purdue cycling email list but haven't gotten up the nerve to go ride with them yet

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Amanda said...

Haha. I started a Scrabble game with Dad yesterday with the word "pox"