Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday ride

My ride schedule is all messed up. I was planning a big ride on Friday but it rained all day and I just had a rough day at school. I then thought I would do in on Saturday, but liz and I ended up sailing in a regatta at lake freeman (we did pretty well considering how often we practice and race). Anyway, I got out this afternoon for a quick ride. I was going to go 20 miles, but then I saw another cyclist in the distance and went into chase mode. I got so busy chasing that I forgot to make a turn and ended up only going 16.5 miles. I caught him after about 10 minutes of power pedaling. He hooked into my draft and kept up with me after I passed him. When I stopped and waited for a red light, he decided to run through it and keep going. I turned right and decided that I had won. I'm going to try and catch the Purdue club ride tomorrow to see if it will be fun or not.

Here is the fictional medal that I won in my head by getting to the red light first. The other cyclist was disqualified for not following the rules.

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Amanda said...

I just saw this link on Nuar's blog. I don't know if it's any good but I thought of you.