Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Purdue Cycling Club

Today I took a fun little step forward in my biking goals. I showed up for the Purdue Cycling club rides. There were three other riders who were decked out in Purdue cycling gear. Thankfully, they were doing a recovery ride so I was able to keep up. I took second place on the hill sprint and fourth place in the flat sprint. For the flat sprint I kept up for about half of it, but they all of a sudden they switched into some extra gear that I certainly don't have. I ate their dust and had to work pretty hard to catch back up even after they had slowed back down. I was able to take my turn at the front and take some few pulls. Overall, it went really well (my legs are super tired and a bit sore now). They tried to recruit me onto the team and I basically said no. I don't think they believed me, but they were super nice about everything. I was glad that I got to ride with three riders who were all obviously stronger than me.

Here is the Purdue bike jersy. I don't find the design all that intimidating. I guess the rider in the jersey takes care of that. I couldn't find a picture of the corresponding Purdue bib/shorts but they exsist.

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