Monday, January 12, 2009

Odometer watch

My odometer read 819 miles after I finished biking tonight. I did my spinerval dvd again (not really newsworthy at this point). I am happy to report that I got all the way through it without feeling like death. Maybe that means I wasn't trying hard enough, but I felt like I gave it a pretty good go considering it was a long day. I wish that netflix had some spinervals just for a little variety, but they don't so I have to try and make up my own workouts when I don't use the dvd. 

School started today. I had one class that was enjoyable, and I worked at mfri. It took me three hours at mfri to draft a flyer for an upcoming study, but I was happy with the end result. 

I slept horrible last night. Tonight has to be better.

Christmas present alert!!!!!

I brewed it. I drank it. I liked it. I did not add any wiskey to it. Thanks Liz!

I would give anything to bike outside at least once this week, but the 10 day forecast painted a grisly picture. I'll just try not to think about it, and maybe I can dissociate my way to spring.

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