Friday, January 9, 2009

Yup....I'm a DeYoung

This may be a little weird, but I really feel that biking has confirmed (in my mind) that I am a true DeYoung. First, I believe that it is a Deyoung trait to have have a runny nose at the onset of any kind of physical activity. Actually now that I think about it, my nose just runs all the time. It just runs extra when exercising. A DeYoung runny nose a polite way of describing what really would be better described as snot fountain or Niagara de snot. Secondly, I've decided that the best way to deal with this is using a hankie. Yup. that's right, I blow my nose into a disgusting cloth that fills up with snot. It's just the best way I've found so far when biking. (I don't use them during normal daily life). No matter how gross it is, a clear nose is the best thing in the world. There is nothing like suddenly being able to breath again.

Liz says I seem to sweat more than usual. I don't know if this is a DeYoung thing, but we'll just pretend that it is. After all, I must have gotten it from somewhere.

Getting it? A runny nose. Hahahaha

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