Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In bed (sort of) and working (sort of)

Liz wanted me to work in bed tonight and I figured why not. It's not like I get much done past 11:00pm at night anyway when I sit on the couch with the TV on anyway. Now I'm in bed, just not asleep, and I'm supposed to be writing my client notes, but writing my blog is more enjoyable.

Here is today's recap.

I worked and got stuff done. For me that is a hard combination to put together. Usually I work really hard and get nothing done. Sometimes I work very little but manage to make good progress. Today was just effort in = productivity out.

I did my new spinerval dvd I got from Christmas today. On the main menu I noticed that the first scene after the warmup was called "killer minutes." I chuckled to myself and thought, "I've been training hard. I'll power through these like a champ." Fast forward to the end of those five one minute sprints, and I'm done. Head in my hands, unable to talk, snot on my face, complete malfunction type of done. I made it 20 minutes before I couldn't go on and resigned to the floor. Liz looked a bit worried but mostly amused.

ohhh Penny's on the bed now too. That almost never happens. She usually prefers to only be on the bed only when she can have it to herself. She is a true cat in that sense.

So it was a short ride because I wasn't ready for the effort commitment. I'll try again on Thursday and I bet it will go better.

Back to those pesky client notes. Isn't it good enough that I did the therapy? I have to document it too?

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