Saturday, February 20, 2010

They're Never Right

Well our local weather man was again completely wrong about today's forecast. He said rain and snow but we didn't get anything. I'm not sure when 36 degrees turned into a warm day, but both Liz and I were able to get outside with one less layer than usual. I didn't even have to wear my face mask.

I didn't go very far today on the bike. I got as far as the stadium on campus. From there, I just went up and down the hill till my legs gave out. Turns out that it only took 10 times up the hill (about 30 minutes) before the tank was empty. This is the same hill that I might be racing on when the Purdue race comes to town in April so I wanted to see just how steep it is. Turns out that it is annoyingly steep. Not deadly steep, but steep enough to really catch your legs by surprise.

I didn't take the camera on the ride since I took a pre-ride picture of my bike workshop area.

Liz is always so thrilled to see me working in what used to be her kitchen.

In other news, I'm proposing my preliminary proposal Thursday at 11:00am. Please pray that it goes well. Liz's relative (cousin?) Aaric Kendall is competing in Vancouver in the Artisan Olymics. He is a master ice sculptor who won bronze in Italy.

Here is one of his pieces that I found on Google images ( there are a bunch of other cool ones)

Here is a picture from a common route I take. Note the complete absence of....pretty much anything.

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Amanda said...

I didn't know there were artesian Olympics!! How cool!