Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have always considered myself a champion sleeper. But like most people on this earth, I have a couple of nights here and there when I'm not tired even when I should be. Tonight is one of those nights. They rarely happen (maybe because Liz and I don't have any kids?), but I figured why not do something instead of laying in bed staring at the ceiling. Here is a list of things I'm thankful for at this very minute....

1. A really good past week at school
2. Being all caught up on all my grading (if only for one or two days)
3. Living in a deadly quiet apartment complex
4. Getting better at doing my devotions at night
5. Emergency roadside assistance (we are covered through phone and car insurance... that's a lot of free towing!)
6. Paying someone else to do my taxes. I don't care how much it costs. I don't want the headache.
7. Coffee during the day(good or bad)
8. Good tea at night (only good)
9. The fact that almost all the snow melted today
10. My bike
11. The fact that my wife never snores
12. Really vivid dreams that make me ask Liz weird questions when she wakes up in the morning while I still sleep (How exactly do you respect people from Tennessee?)
13. Fluffy pillows
14. Watching Penny attack Liz's yarn
15. James Taylor
16. Excedrin (or now called the Saturday Production Stimulator)
17. Food. The more the better.

See wasn't that fun!

Maybe someday we'll buy some kids for a psuedo farm
Baby goats

weak sauce.... I know but it is 1:30am so cut me some slack.


Anonymous said...

I hope Daniel doesn't read your blog. He might take exception with the side comment for item #12.

: )

sailor42 said...

I think that I was actually dreaming about the Tennessee Vols basketball team. The coach wears an Orange sport coat!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Bruce Pearl . . . say no more.

: )