Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To the Biker Unidentified

It was 4:30pm and you were on the way to Battle Ground. You crossed ahead of me on a road up ahead. I watched you for awhile always in your drops with a big gear and high cadence. When there is no corn, this is possible. At the crossroad, I turned to follow you (that's how I know you went to Battle Ground). You were wearing a Purdue Kit and I thought I should try to catch up and say hi.

At the first time check, you were 45 seconds ahead of me. I didn't know that by turning 90 degrees you would make me work, work, work, and toil. I clocked myself at 30mph three different times. There was a good tailwind wasn't there. Yet, I never got really any closer to you. You were always just a blip in my vision causing car and trucks to veer around you into oncoming lanes of traffic. I know because I spent a long time chasing you. All I wanted was a picture of you for this blog. You could have been famous. I saved face by turning to do a different loop. It was clear you had me beat in a race you didn't even know was raging. My legs were plussed and my breath came in grunts towards the end. Because of you, these horse are still wondering why I had to stop twice to take their pictures.

All said and done, it will be a good summer. And I will beat you.

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Amanda said...

haha. Great post!!