Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crit practice

Today the team held some practice racing. My few observations.

1. I am really bad at turning corners going fast. (I ended up in the grass twice)
2. I'm getting faster. In one of the practice races, I took off on a 3.5 lap solo breakaway. I ended up third.
3. I'm tired. Real practice with real riders = real fatigue.
4. Over the two hours, my corners got a little bit better. More practice needed.
5. Did I mention I was off the front in one of the races. It made my day.
6. I am a tall rider. Even when drafting, my whole head catches the breeze. It slows me down.
7. Practice races don't count for anything except practice. There aren't even bragging rights for winning(that I know of).

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