Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank goodness the days are getting longer

More light! More light. Push back the setting sun.

I'm able to get rides in now even if I start at 5:30pm. This is great except for the fact that I've lost a fairly good reason to not bike. For some reason it's not real safe to bike at night... even when inside.

Here is a picture from the same spot I took a picture from awhile ago. There is much less snow.

Here is the free range apartment complex cat named Claude. He was chasing the dry leaves that were blowing in the wind. Yeah, he's a dumb cat.

And Penny really doesn't like him or the fact that I was taking his picture.


Anonymous said...

I love you Penny!

: )

Amanda said...

It's a really nice picture of Penny though!

Jarrod said...

Good shot though!