Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Training

Since I don't have school, I have more time to make food. It's a good thing to since I've been super hungry the past few days. Liz will vouch for this. Yesterday resulted in a Lasagna dinner at 4:30pm followed by another Jimmy Johns dinner at 8:30pm, then a bag of popcorn at 9:45, a healthy dose of food guilt at 10:00, and a redemption orange at 11:00pm. Somewhere in there I had a 5 or 6 chips ahoy cookies (Thanks Elizabeth S.)

My training book warned that I might get more hungry because of the increase in activity, but I figured I would get hungry after I started training hard and not before I started the program. I've never been one to question what the stomach wants so I went ahead and made a big lunch full of carbs and protein to fuel my ride later today.

Here is a picture of lunch.

We have:
1 grilled cheese
2 pickles
1 apple sauce cup
1 can of potatoes (I threw on some olive oil later to give them some taste)
1 yogurt for dessert (not pictured)

I would like everyone to notice the genius features of the monkey plate. One are for ketchup and one ear for pickles. The face for the main course. It helps keep me organized, and thus it is my favorite plate.

Now if only Liz could get me to make dinner. har har har. Tonight is fish and coucous. I think. It depends on what is in the freezer and cabinets, and what Liz makes, with me helping of course.

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