Friday, March 5, 2010

Trying some new stuff

Next week I'm going to try to start a more focused and regular training routine. I'm really nervous about it. First, I know that I often come home and sit down on the couch and don't get on my bike when I should hop on right away. The training comes out of a book that Liz got me for my birthday and is geared towards athletes who don't have 15 hours a week to train. The down side of the program (or upside) is that when you are training it is very high intensity which doesn't always feel so good. I'm excited to see if i can stick with it and if it improves my ability to race better this summer.

Last night I used my brand new cycling mat. I was all I would wish for out of a big mat. I was not slippery, it was quiet, and it was large enough that I didn't have to worry about sweat accidentally getting on the carpet. Liz let me move the couch over towards the door to make room for it. I tried my Christmas dvd again. I made it farther this time than last. If I could have grunted out another 16 minutes, I would have gotten through it. Next time though I think I'll get it. My only grip with the dvd workout is that the people in the video clearly aren't trying as hard as they should be. After each sprint they sit back and smile and chat with each other. I on the other hand am worrying Liz while making weird throat nosies during each rest time. Yes, it's really that hard, but I still really like it. It will fit well with the new training program.

I don't have any pictures right now because I'm at school. My first client canceled, so I'm wasting time before my second client. Oddly enough, the one that needs to be coming to see me the most is the one who often misses the session, and the one who really is about ready to go off on his own keeps coming like a Swiss clockwork. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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