Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Thanks to everyone who called, texted, or otherwise wished me well today. It was a good day filled with work. I rode my bike to school which always makes me happy. I'm not sure why it just does. The funny thing is that I can't even claim to do it in the name of being environmentally friendly because I usually make a special trip back to school later to pick up my books and computer. By riding my bike, I'm actually make a larger carbon footprint. I don't mind though because I like doing it that much.

I did a few things out of the ordinary to celebrate my birthday at work. First, I took a secret nap in the lab for 30 minutes after lunch. hmmmm.. the joy of secret naps. I can hear people working in the hallway, and they don't even know that there is a grad student just a few feet away reclining in a lazy boy. Second, I left work early and went for an extra long bike ride. My treat to me. I saw a bunch of other riders, but I was glad to be solo today. I knew that I was in a bit of a spot when I noticed a leaf rolling down the road in the same direction as I was going and as fast as I was moving. As expected, when I turned around there was a wicked head wind. It's ok though, spring is upon us (at least in Indiana)!

My post ride birthday picture. I make a rookie mistake and did not straighten my jersey. tisk tisk

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