Saturday, March 6, 2010

A nice day

I got out for a a 36 mile ride today. I wasn't really planning on going that far, but it was so nice outside. There were a lot of other riders outside which is always nice to see. I ran into the same group of 20 riders from the Wabash Cycling Club three times. I think they were going for a really long ride, so they were going really slow. I felt bad that I kept sprinting past them, but they probably didn't even care. I postponed the start of the my new training a week. I want the peak results to coincide with my summer races.

I forgot the camera on today's ride so there isn't a picture. Whoops.

Now back to my homework. I'm reading about all the paper work that I am required by law to keep for all of my therapy sessions. I can sum it up quickly. 1) Keep record of everything. 2) Understand that despite your best efforts you are still breaking some rule or law and could be sued.

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