Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bed time

It's time for bed, but I'm waiting for Liz to use the bathroom first. This happens every night. It's my job to check to make sure the doors are locked, the heat is down, the humidifier is running, the tv is off, and the lights are off. What a glamorous life I lead.

Lots of different blogs have mentioned that it is cold outside. The same is true here. It is oh so cold.

On Thursday, I'm getting contacts. Then I'll try biking in the cold. I have the gear to do it.... I think.

I rode for 5o minutes on the bike tonight inside tonight. I didn't have any movies to watch so I watched the cross country skiing world championships on tv. I don't think I could every work that hard. Something about running up hills in the snow with skies on their feet seems really really hard. It was more exciting to watch than I expected. My ride went surprisingly well considering the cold that I am rocking.

And she's out of the bathroom. night

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